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Laceration Repair

Facial skin is extremely delicate, increasing the risk of scarring after a cut or laceration. Although any emergency room can perform a basic repair of a facial laceration, the result of a quickly treated facial skin laceration can be a lasting scar that alters your appearance permanently.

Dr. Christian Paquet, an experienced facial plastic surgeon, is capable of performing a laceration repair and facial reconstruction using specialized techniques that will reduce scarring and prevent disfiguration.

Even though the initial response after sustaining a facial laceration or cut is to go to the emergency room, most cuts that are not life threatening can be repaired within 24-48 hours. Dr. Paquet is able to reduce the chances of scarring if he is able to repair the laceration initially rather than trying to reverse the damage caused by a hasty repair in the emergency room.

If you have suffered a facial laceration or cut that is not life threatening, Dr. Paquet recommends that you be seen and evaluated as soon as possible. To schedule a consultation please call our Concierge Patient Coordinator at (602) 726-6310 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Question - What should I do if I sustain a facial cut or laceration?

If your facial laceration is not life threatening, it does not need to be repaired immediately in the emergency room. Dr. Paquet recommends you cover it temporarily with a moist dressing and call the office for an evaluation and repair within 24-48 hours. Dr. Paquet will do his best to accommodate any urgent repair into his schedule.

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