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Nonsurgical Lip Enhancement

in Phoenix, AZ

As fuller lips remain popular, the demand for nonsurgical lip enhancement procedures increases. Patients in Phoenix, Arizona can turn to facial plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Paquet for quality lip enhancement. Whether you are interested in creating a fuller appearance or recreating a youthful look, lip injections can be a good option. Dr. Paquet offers natural-looking, balanced, and beautiful results that require no downtime using quality injectable products.

What is Nonsurgical Lip Enhancement?

Nonsurgical lip enhancement is a procedure intended to add volume or improve symmetry in the lips. This is achieved using injectable fillers, which are typically composed of hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring substance which provides a naturally hydrated look with added volume to the skin. Patients may also refer to nonsurgical lip enhancement as lip injections or lip fillers in some cases. 

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Candidates for Nonsurgical Lip Enhancement 

Nonsurgical lip enhancement can be a great option for patients with naturally thinner lips or those who have lost volume in their lips over time as they age. It can also be a good option for patients who are unsure about making permanent changes to their appearance, as results from nonsurgical lip enhancement are temporary. Before your lip enhancement procedure, Dr. Paquet will evaluate the area and review your health history to ensure that injections are a safe option for you. He will also consider your cosmetic goals and ensure your expectations are reasonable before determining a treatment plan. 

The Nonsurgical Lip Enhancement Procedure 

The nonsurgical lip enhancement procedure can be completed quickly in our office. No anesthesia is necessary, and most injectable fillers contain lidocaine, making the procedure comfortable in combination with topical numbing. After discussing your goals for the treatment, Dr. Paquet will select a type of filler and injection sites for your procedure. Injections can then be made, which only takes a few minutes to complete. 


“I could not be happier with my rhinoplasty experience with Dr. Paquet! He is incredible and definitely knows what he’s doing. My recovery was easier than I could’ve imagined and my results have exceeded my expectations. Several of my own clients and friends have scheduled consultations with him after seeing my results.”


Recovery After Nonsurgical Lip Enhancement

Nonsurgical lip enhancement requires no downtime, and side effects are minimal. You will likely notice redness, some slight swelling, and tenderness at the injection sites. These side effects typically resolve within about 24 hours. Dr. Paquet will advise you to avoid strenuous activity, direct sun exposure, or drinking alcohol, as these can increase risk of unwanted side effects such as bruising. In some cases, you may be instructed to massage the area to improve your results. Nonsurgical lip enhancement results are immediately noticeable, though final results are not seen until swelling dissipates. 

Injectable fillers are not permanent, as the body will naturally and safely metabolize the hyaluronic acid over time. On average, nonsurgical lip enhancement results last 6-12 months. This varies based on the product used and other factors. As lip filler results subside, you can receive maintenance injections to keep up the appearance. Dr. Paquet can discuss a long-term treatment plan during your consultation

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