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Scarring can be a concern for many people, especially when scars are located in prominent areas such as the face or neck. A scar may be a source of self-consciousness based on its appearance or an unwanted reminder of a traumatic injury or surgery. Thankfully, plastic surgeons such as Dr. Paquet offer effective solutions to reduce or completely remove scarring. In addition, seeing a plastic surgeon to repair a laceration can help patients avoid visible scars altogether. For smooth, beautiful skin, Phoenix, Arizona patients choose Paquet Facial Plastic Surgery

Scar Revision

Noticeable scars can be removed or reduced through a scar revision surgery. This involves surgically removing scar tissue before carefully closing the new incision using advanced surgical techniques. Plastic surgeons like Dr. Paquet are trained to close incisions in such a way that minimal scarring results, offering a cosmetic improvement compared to initial surgical or traumatic scars. In many cases, this surgical treatment can be paired with options including laser resurfacing to further reduce unwanted scarring on the face, neck, or other highly visible areas.


Facial Laceration

Most facial lacerations are not life-threatening, making it possible for patients to choose a plastic surgeon for treatment rather than seeking emergency or urgent care in many situations. Dr. Paquet offers facial laceration surgery, allowing patients to avoid unnecessary visible scarring from injuries to the face, neck, or other highly visible areas. Patients seeking facial laceration surgery may call our office for appointments scheduled within 24-48 hours to attend to their injury. If your injury is serious, you may be advised to seek emergency care.


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