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Buccal Fat Removal

in Phoenix, AZ

Many patients feel self-conscious of “chubby cheeks” and would prefer a more defined, angular, or elegant appearance. Buccal fat removal is one option to achieve this preferred look. Through buccal fat removal, patients can achieve the appearance they want with no visible scarring and permanent results. Dr. Christian Paquet offers safe and effective buccal fat removal procedures at Paquet Facial Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, Arizona.

What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal is a plastic surgery procedure intended to create a more defined or angular appearance in the face by removing the fat fads in the cheeks known as buccal fat pads. In some cases, this procedure may be referred to as a buccal lipectomy or cheek reduction surgery. 

Who is a Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal surgery is a good option for patients who have rounder, fuller faces and are not happy with the fullness of their cheeks. Buccal fat reduction can help those achieve their desired facial shape. The procedure is intended only for those who are at a healthy, stable weight. It may not be a suitable option for those who have naturally narrow faces or who are older, as the natural aging process may result in a sunken or hollow appearance over time. 

Before buccal fat removal, Dr. Paquet will review your health history and examine your face to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. During a consultation, you should be prepared to answer questions about your health history such as any conditions, allergies, or medications you take. 

The Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

Buccal fat pad removal can often be performed under IV sedation, although some patients elect for general anesthesia.. Also, if the procedure is performed alongside other surgeries, general anesthesia may be necessary. First, Dr. Paquet will make an incision along the inside of the cheek. Pressure is then placed on the outside of the cheek to reveal the buccal fat pad. This fat is then cut away from the surrounding tissue and removed. Finally, the incision within the cheek is closed using dissolvable sutures. 


“I cannot express how thrilled I am with Dr. Paquet and his staff. My fiancé and I met with Dr. Paquet in January 2022, and we knew immediately that this doctor and his staff would be the right choice. From consultation to the procedure to follow-up care, we have never felt like a number. I couldn’t be happier with my results (and just in time for my engagement photos!).”


Recovery After Buccal Fat Removal 

Buccal fat pad excision is performed as an outpatient procedure, so you can immediately return home with a family member, friend, or caregiver who can drive you and care for you in the early stages of recovery. You can expect swelling, some discomfort, and potential bruising. Dr. Paquet may prescribe pain medication to keep you comfortable and will provide a mouthwash to use to prevent infection. For the first several days after buccal fat removal, you should follow a liquid diet. Full recovery is expected about three weeks after the surgery, though patients typically return to their normal, non-strenuous routines sooner. The final results will gradually emerge as residual swelling dissipates. Patients typically do not see their final results until several months after buccal fat removal. However, results are more or less permanent as the buccal fat pad will not regenerate. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Buccal Fat Removal

Is facial liposuction permanent?

Facial liposuction, or buccal fat removal, is intended to be a permanent removal of the fatty tissue from your cheeks, nose, and chin.

What are buccal fat pads?

Buccal fat resides between your cheek and jaw bones and helps to shape your face. Every person has fat in the buccal area of their face, though some have more than others.

What does buccal fat removal do?

Buccal fat removal is a procedure to remove the fat between the cheekbones and the jawline. This can highlight the bone structure of your cheeks. It may also be referred to as a cheek reduction.

Where are fat pads located in the face?

Buccal fat resides between your cheek and jaw bones and helps to shape your face. Every person has fat in the buccal area of their face, though some have more than others.

Where are the buccal fat pads?

Buccal fat resides deep with your cheek and can add fullness to your face. Often, it is what people consider to be the baby fat that remains in their face.

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