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Plastic surgery procedures for the lips have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, as many patients seek fuller lips. In addition, these procedures can be used to provide a more youthful appearance for those who have seen thinning lips as a result of the natural aging process. While many plastic surgeons may avoid certain procedures for the lips in fear of creating noticeable scarring, Dr. Paquet offers effective options using advanced techniques that allow patients to achieve the results they want. Patients in the Phoenix, Arizona area can schedule appointments at Paquet Facial Plastic Surgery to learn more. 

Lip Lift

A lip lift procedure creates the appearance of a fuller upper lip by reducing the length of the philtrum, which is the tissue between the nose and upper lip. This increases the amount of pink tissue that is visible in the upper lip for a fuller appearance while also creating a more proportionate, balanced look. In addition, a lip lift may be performed to correct downturned corners of the lips, creating a more pleasant resting appearance. Lip lifts require little downtime and can be completed under local anesthesia, reducing risks and the overall recovery period.


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