Non-Surgical Procedures Botox®, Dysport® & Xeomin®

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Botox®, Dysport® & Xeomin®

Neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are some of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures, as they extremely safe and effective in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, the use of neuromodulators is effective for preventing deep wrinkles and creases in the future.

Neuromodulators work by relaxing the muscles that contract and cause wrinkles, allowing the overlying skin to become smooth. Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin can improve the lines and wrinkles on your forehead, between your eyebrows, around your eyes, and those on your upper nose, lips, and chin.

In addition to the typical areas that are treated with Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin, neuromodulators can be used to reduce excessive sweating in the underarm region or elsewhere on the body. They can also be used to prevent teeth grinding and reduce chronic migraine headaches.

Best of all, the treatment is fast, effective, and requires no downtime. The effects are seen approximately 3-4 days after treatment, and can last up to 4-5 months.

Botox is the original neuromodulator that, following discovery, was found to reduce and prevent wrinkles. It has been used for years to provide patients with a smoother facial appearance, reducing dynamic wrinkles and resulting in a rejuvenated, younger look.

Dysport is a newer neuromodulator that acts in an identical manner to Botox, smoothing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Dysport is believed to spread more broadly throughout the tissue, making it more effective in certain large areas where wrinkles commonly occur. It has a slightly faster onset of action, but its duration is comparable to Botox. It is particularly useful in patients who have a resistance to Botox.

Xeomin is the newest FDA approved neuromodulator. It works much like Botox to target muscles that cause wrinkles through frequent contractions. By “paralyzing” these muscles, we can reduce the appearance of the wrinkles, which become less apparent over time with repeated treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question - What areas can be treated with Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin?

The traditional areas that are commonly treated in order to improve wrinkles and fine lines are:

  • Forehead horizontal lines
  • Glabella frown lines (between the eyebrows)
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes

In addition, Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin can be used to treat:

  • Vertical neck bands
  • Smoker’s lines in the upper lip
  • Bunny lines in the nose
  • Masseter muscle hypertrophy
  • Excessive sweating (underarms & more)
  • Migraines

Question - Do the Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin injections hurt?

Most patients feel minimal to no discomfort from the injections. If necessary, topical anesthetic (numbing) cream or icing can be used to help with any pain.

Question - Is Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin safe?

Yes. Botox was approved decades ago by the FDA and is safe. As long as they are administered by a highly trained professional, the treatments are safe and have a very low risk of complications.

Question - How long does Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin last?

The effect of the neuromodulators typically lasts around 4-5 months. With regular treatments, it is believed that the results are prolonged. In addition, the use of neuromodulators is effective for preventing deep wrinkles and creases in the future.

Question - How long until I see results after my treatment?

The effects are typically seen beginning around 3-5 days after the treatment, with results continuing to improve for up to 2 weeks.

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