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Lower Facelift and Necklift

Many patients are discouraged by their aging face. They may feel energetic and vigorous, yet their face can give them the appearance of being tired or worn. This can be a cause of stress, and while plastic surgery should never be seen as a solution to unrelated psychological problems, a facelift and necklift can allow a person to look as vibrant and energetic as they feel.

Due to age-related loss of the underlying bone structure, decreased elasticity of the skin, atrophy and descent of facial fat, coupled with the unavoidable pull of gravity, we begin to see deep-set lines and wrinkles, jowl formation, excess sagging of the neck and face skin, and the formation of neck bands. The goal of a facelift or necklift is to improve and reverse these signs of aging, restoring the younger natural beauty that was there years prior.

Older facelift techniques that were in Vogue for several decades involved lifting and removing only the facial skin, and often in a posterior or backward direction. This results in an unnatural appearance, and the results are often transient. Dr. Christian Paquet employs a modern, state of the art, deep-plane facelift technique during which the deep tissues and muscles of the face and neck are lifted and secured in a vertical direction counteracting the effects of gravity to provide a youthful lift and refreshed look that lasts indefinitely. This, coupled with concealed incisions that are confined and camouflaged around the ear and within the hairline, allows Dr. Paquet to deliver a natural, healthy, and rejuvenated look, as opposed to an unnatural, “operated-on” appearance.

There is no single non-surgical or surgical facial/neck treatment that works for everyone. Each patient’s hopes and goals must be discussed, and after a proper examination, you and Dr. Paquet will together decide upon the most appropriate treatment plan.

To determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure, Dr. Paquet recommends a private, personal consultation and evaluation. To schedule a consultation please call our Concierge Patient Coordinator at (602) 726-6310 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Question - What is a facelift?

A facelift is a surgical procedure designed to lift the drooping or sagging tissues of the face. It specifically addresses the skin laxity of the lower face and neck, jowls, poorly defined jawline, and the bands and excess fat that appear in the neck with aging. There are many types or degrees of facelifts that can be performed, and this is determined during your consultation with Dr. Christian Paquet.

Question - Who is the best candidate for a facelift?

The best candidate is someone who is in good physical and emotional health and has realistic expectations. While a facelift can’t stop aging, it can reverse many of the undesirable effects that aging has on the face, providing you with a natural, youthful face that will last indefinitely in comparison to someone who did not have surgery. The ideal age for a facelift can range from late 30s to 80s (assuming good health), with the type of facelift necessary dependent on each individual.

Question - What should I expect with regards to facelift recovery?

All patients, regardless of the technique employed, are fully functional very soon after surgery and are ready for social undertakings within 10-14 days. Light activity (walking, low-resistance bike/elliptical) is encouraged after 1 week, and full activity and exercise may be resumed after 3-4 weeks. While most patients will look significantly better immediately post-operatively, residual swelling may continue to improve for up to 3-4 months.

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